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Connecting Your Essence
With Your Business

Build your business based on your essence.

Learn how to create in alignment with your gifts, skills, and your soul's potential.

Design an ideal business plan with strategies and systems that allow more freedom, time, and wealth.

Your Essence


  • Who are you at the soul level

  • The map of your energy design

  • The ideal way to make decisions based on your essence

  • Your life purpose in this lifetime

Discover Who You Are at the level of your essence and your soul contract, and the characteristics and energies available for you in this lifetime.  


Lety will use a variety of Soul Technologies, including Akashic Records, Gene Keys, Human Design, and Mayan Cosmology among others.


An initial session to reveal your essence and your Soul's map.

Receive every week meditations and exercises to maintain your connection, focus your intention, expand your consciousness, and take actions in alignment with your essence. 


Discover Your Essence


Plan Your Business

Your Business

Learn to
  • Design a business plan

  • Decide on the ideal strategy for you

  • The process you must follow

  • A map to bring order and clarity 


Each business and each person are very different and unique. There is no One Formula that will give you all the answers for success. 


There are unlimited business solutions.


To know which ones are the ideal solutions for you, you must consider several factors:  what you want to achieve, your likes, the way you manage your time, your gifts and attributes, your limitations, your personality, your experience, knowledge, wisdom…  and even the moment in where you are in life... all based on your essence and life purpose.


An initial session to overview your business landscape, possibilities, ideal strategy, and actions to take.

Weekly email communication.

Implementation training for business tools and systems.

Monthly sessions to review your strategic business plan, review your progress, and the next strategies.

Essence & Business


Lety has been a vital key in helping me launch my business, that is my passion. She was by my side throughout the whole process. We've had an increase of 6 times our initial sales in the first year! 

Fer Rosales, Cancún México.


Lety is a person who offers a guide full of intuition and wisdom that goes beyond the old way of doing business. She helped me gain clarity and focus on my business path.​ I highly recommend her both as a business mentor and as a guide, whom you can absolutely trust.

Niki Trotsky, Canada.


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