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Lety Martínez

The first time Lety became aware of the presence of her Spirit Guides and Angels was when she was still in her crib. One day, as she was sucking on her blanket, she began to choke on it. Before her mom realized what was happening, Lety’s body began to die.


That was when Lety saw a group of Beings of Light around her crib. Her grandmother arrived just in time to get her out of her crib and rescued her. Then she re-entered her body.

From then on, Lety has been aware of a 5D Frequency connection with her guides and angels, allowing her access to other dimensions that interact with this reality. The resistance she has encountered has helped her grow into recognizing and now being able to share these tools of self-discovery.


The Connection with the 5D World


Intuition, Numbers & Dreams

There was always an intuitive voice that spoke to her through numbers and dreams.  As a child, she remembers patterns and number repetitions constantly coming to her attention. In particular the symbolic 1:11 and 11:11 were the beginning of a process of inner questioning. She started by wondering about these seeming coincidences, and soon she began questioning everything!

  • Why are things done the way they are?  and, Can we change their order? 

  • What is the use of religious, social and economic institutions?  and,  Are their effects on our daily lives beneficial?   

  • Why does it feel like we must conform? and, How can we break through?

"As a seeker in hostile world,  I had to find my own way. I soon discovered that my intuition was the best compass, and listening to it  took me in the direction of growth.  


Intuition turned out to be a clearer path than many ¨so-called-teachers¨ who did not understand the whole picture and only complicated matters by their lack of clarity.  I knew that everything should be simple to understand using common sense, and without the need to cover up information. When an idea resonates with my inner core, I know that I am before the presence of that which is worth pursuing.

I was hungry for truth! I knew there was something else... Something that cannot be seen but does exist. Repeatedly I had prophetic dreams, full of signs, messages and affirmations. I have since come to understand them as revealing information that is necessary for my path back to oneness.

I remember the openness and understanding my father showed when I told him about my dreams, but I also remember the confused look I got from others. This gap in communication was yet another gift-in-disguise, for it led me to start writing my dreams and developing an ability to interpret them."

Codes, Past Lifetimes & Matrix

"As my questions deepened, they led me to read books on spirituality, personal development, along with studying Kabbalah, Numerology, The Angels, The Mayans, Energy, Metaphysics and much more. As soon as I was able to hold the right question in my mind... the answer came.

All of this led me to continue awakening my gifts. My questions now were helping me see that there must be something more to this reality that is intrinsically connected to us, and that affects us in subtle yet powerful ways – our past lives!

That is when I started studying dimensional healing and past lives, and the Akashic Records began speaking to me. I couldn´t believe this revelation! The amount of information now available was staggering... It felt like coming back home. Everything began to make sense, and my doubts were validated. I felt a huge weight lifted off my back, and I could breathe better, see clearer, walk more confidently. I now had a blueprint to other dimensions that I knew existed, but hadn’t known how to decipher.

It dawned on me that we are surrounded by codes and messages everywhere. Soon I was able to understand the body as an integrated code structure that is continually sending messages to those who pay attention. This happens at a physical level, an energetic level, and within the DNA structure of our cells. I came to realize that the messages pervade everything we perceive. They connect us to each other, and only need to be activated to be able to access them.

Access to these messages can be achieved by expanding your consciousness with meditation and through Soul Technologies including Human Design and Gene Keys.

I now had clarity regarding the 3D Matrix we live in, and its connection to the fifth dimension, including all transitional dimensions. Since then, I have become aware of control systems that exist on our planet, and have come to realize we have the power to shape our lives by going into and out of dimensions at will.


Our power is found in high-vibration choices

we make every moment!


You can choose to live in a limited 3D Matrix based on power, fear, control and materialism; or you can choose to live in the abundance of a 5D Matrix based on harmony, unconditional love, thought-coherence, emotional empathy, synchronicity and magic!"


I want to invite you on a journey of self-discovery into the

5D Akashic Frequencies &

The Dawning Consciousness of a New World.

Lety Martinez

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