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The Spiritual Entrepreneur

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Society

You can turn your ideas into reality and create a successful business with a map in alignment with your essence where you will find an actionable effective plan that gives you clarity and direction through masterclasses, implementation workshops, templates, resources, and more so that you can enjoy your process and be able to go further faster!

Do some of the following resonate with you?

You have a business but you are tired of

  • Chasing new customers every month and being unpredictable 

  • Being stressed about not knowing what your monthly income will be

  • Not having enough time during your day-week-month, to gross more revenue

  • Not having enough time even for yourself! 


You have an idea that you want to turn into a business but

  • You're feeling overwhelmed by not knowing where to start

  • You love your idea, but you are not good at technology

  • You are struggling to meet the month's expenses and don't want to add another payment

  • You are thinking: what if it doesn't work?

old ways

At TSES Get Ready
To Shift Away From

Old beliefs and habits


Working hard to get more

clients and income

Being ok with just getting enough

Doing it all on your own and not getting the results that you want

Doing it for the money even if you don't like it or enjoy it


Old ways of doing business


Chasing new sales every month and hoping customers will buy again


Accepting any kind of customers

as long as they pay

Customers not paying, underpaying or chasing them to pay

Trying to figure out how

to do it every month

The New Way of Business

Would you like a business in which you


Enjoy your creative process

Attract ideal clients who value you and your business

Get recurrent revenue and constant growth

Have a network and community of incredible like-minded people

The 3 Pillars of Your Business
Where The Focus Should Be

For an online or a brick-and-mortar business to work properly and be successful, it must have the following 3 Pillars. Your business should have a firm foundation on each Pillar.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Society is here to help you design, build, and grow the business of your dreams!

sunset .jpg


Getting in Alignment with

Your Essence


To create a successful business that lights you up, you need to be in alignment with your essence, be in the correct mindset, understand how your energy works, your skills, abilities, and gifts, and have clarity of what you want, where you want to go, and with who!


In this Pillar, you will find meditations, exercises, masterclasses, rituals, and inspiration to go deep into your essence and become more productive, inspired, and effective in your work.


Organizing and Planning

Your Business


Once you know what you want and are committed to your idea, you need to choose the ideal business model for you. In this Pillar, you will find a variety of options to organize and create the perfect plan for success, that will be custom-made, especially for you!


Get a variety of tools, masterclasses, implementation workshops, and more to create the how, when, and where you will show up in your business, with our support so that you can make it happen.


Building Visibility and

Making the Sales


Even if you have the best business idea and you are excellent at it, you can't succeed without a good visibility and marketing strategy. In this Pillar, you will discover 3 ways to build visibility, how to grow your audience and how to turn them into valuable customers!


Get a plan that will attract ideal clients, a recurrent revenue, and constant growth for a healthy and prosperous business so that you can enjoy and have more free time!


Become part of a community of like-minded people


A place where we support and cheer each other up every month! 

A place where we hold your hand and take you through each step to help you achieve the results.

From getting in alignment with your essence, creating your plan, and implementing it, to guiding you on how to attract ideal clients and revenue so that you can focus on the creation, teaching, and inspiration while enjoying doing it!

The home of The Spiritual Entrepreneur Society is a membership site where you will find all the resources and support to build and grow your business, every day and every month!

The best thing is that you can enroll with our monthly plan and if for any reason, you feel this is not for you,

you can cancel at any time.

You have nothing to lose, and a lot to win! 

"Vision without action is just a dream,

action without vision just passes the time, and

vision with action can change the world."

Nelson Mandela



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