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Online Courses
The Future of Business

Start Teaching Online
Create Your First Online Course

Online Teaching

Start Teaching
Online Courses

That Are

Empowering, Profitable,

Inspiring & Captivating

Turning your ideas or teachings into an online course is the way of the future. 

Learn how to create an online course that you can sell over and over again. This is a more efficient and practical way to serve more people without having to exchange time for money!

Some of the benefits are:

  • Serve a wider community of people

  • Sell your courses worldwide

  • Earn money 24/7/365

  • Have extra time for yourself

  • Get more time to plan and organize your future

  • Increase your revenue

  • Enjoy!

In This 3-Day Live Workshop
You Will Learn

How To Prepare Your Course

  • Choosing a captivating title

  • Organizing & designing your content

  • Structuring your content

Choosing Your Presentation

  • Discover the best presentation type for you

  • Gathering your presentation materials

  • Recording your presentation

  • Choosing the ideal platform to host your course

Creating Your Support Materials

  • Different types of materials

  • Adding design with Canva

  • Using Audios

Writing Your Intro

  • The curriculum

  • The lectures

  • The closing

Choosing Your Promotion

  • Deciding to add a Freebie

  • Sales page & landing page

  • Emails & social media

Pricing & Upselling

  • Setting the perfect price

  • Adding a plan

  • Planning for the future

Online meeting

Online Course
3-Day Live Workshop

This is a LIVE 3-Day Online Workshop.

If you can't attend live, you will get access to the recording. 


Mon. 30, Tue. 31

Thu. 2

6:30pm - 8pm CST

Pay in US Dollars

$68 USD

Pay in MX Pesos

$1,222 MX

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