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Your Spiritual Business

Consulting & Digital Solutions for

Spiritual Entrepreneurs 

Expand to a 
Spiritual Business Online

Stop working long hours

without getting the results you want to achieve.

Start working more wisely, in a practical and efficient way,

in less time and with greater results so that...

Your business works for you, instead of

You working for your business!

The Components of an
Online Business

For an online business to work properly, it must have all 4 components.

If you are missing one or more, your business cannot

function at its maximum capacity.


#1 Leads

The foundation of your business!

Building your list of Leads is where everything begins.

You should be attracting new Leads to your database constantly!

What are Leads? 

People that give you permission to send them content in exchange for their data: name and email.

What do you need to attract Leads? 

  • An email marketing platform such as MailChimp, Wix or ConvertKit where your Leads get recorded and organized. 

  • Create "Freebies" or little gifts to invite people to subscribe to your database.

  • Create a marketing strategy to promote and have an online presence. 

Even before having a website, you should be working on

growing your database of Leads!


#2 Website

The home of your business!

Your website should be intuitive, functional, and have an attractive and clear design as well to be able to:

  1. Connect and attract

  2. Capture to start the communication

  3. Convert into clients

It should offer some or all  the following services:

  • Sessions

  • Classes

  • Programs

  • Memberships

  • Workshops

  • Retreats

  • Products

The most basic elements your website should contain are: 

Main Page

  • Website title and tagline.

  • This is the first impression the public will get through your bio and your services. It should be clear and attractive.

  • A "Freebie" connected to an "Opt-In".

Sales Pages

  • This is the place where you promote and describe each of your services in detail: what it is, who it’s for, benefits or solutions, cost, duration, etc.

  • Hidden Sales Pages to promote a program, workshop or others directly; where people can register by clicking a link that is connected to an "Opt-In". 

Calendar and Payments

  • Where your clients can book sessions on your calendar.

  • An automated payment system connected to PayPal, Stripe or others, also connected to your bank account. 


  • Your contact information - email.


#3 Organization, Planning and Strategy 

The engine of your business!

For your online business to be functioning and growing, it needs an engine that helps with organization, planning and marketing strategies to meet your monthly and annual goals! 

Some of the components of that engine are: 

  • Monthly and annual planning

  • Promotional strategies on different marketing channels

  • Creation of new programs and services 

  • Price structure review

  • Communication strategies

  • Steps and actions to take

  • Business tools

  • Training and learning master classes

#4 Digital Tools

The gears of your business!

The engine needs good gears to be able to work!

Some of the gears for your business are: 

  • Creation of freebies

  • Creation of Opt-In or landing pages

  • Sales pages design, including automated promotional tools 

  • Design of flyers, FB and IG posts and emails

  • Design of newsletters on email marketing

  • Email and post sequences

  • New services launching campaigns

  • Podcast configuration

  • Membership site on your website


My Passion Is
Helping You
Shine Your Light! 

Lety Martinez

Through more than 29 years as an entrepreneur, owner and manager of an international franchise, Lety has trained more than 500 entrepreneurs in Mexico and Latin America to start and manage their businesses with an effective and successful system that...


Lets the business work for you, instead of

you working for the business!

Lety offers digital solutions and business consulting for Spiritual Entrepreneurs to expand through

an Online Business.

"Discover how to expand your business without having to work more hours by automating your services and functions to achieve time freedom, without much effort and with an increase in ideal clients and income!"

If you need help with one or more of the components for your online business... 

Please fill out the form so I can  understand your needs and send you a quote.

Don't know yet how to translate your wisdom and experience to an online platform?

If you own a physical business and you don't know how to do what you do in person in an online format, contact me to explore your possibilities. 

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