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Akashic Records
Everything is energy and energy contains information 

The Akashic Records


The Akashic Records are like an energetic library where the information of all your existences is recorded and available.

They provide you with the precise information you need to hear at this time in your life to release what is holding you back, move forward, or help you make sense of your life.


How Lety Works


Lety connects to your energy and Higher Self with your permission and channels the information of your Akashic Records from the quantum field.

The Akashic Records are not based on tarot, astrology, or any other energy modality.

Roots and Tree

Akashic Records
Clearing & Healing

Are you having problems with relationships, business, health, or money? You tried different things, but still, find yourself repeating negative patterns? Are you needing a new perspective and direction? The Akashic Records can help!

This Clearing & Healing session is perfect if you feel stuck, have questions about your present life, and need solutions and guidance.

The Akashic Records Will:

  • Reveal the root cause of the problem at energetic, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual levels.

  • Show the negative choices from the past made in this life or a past lifetime that created blockages.


By becoming aware of what is causing the problem, you will be able to change the negative choice for a new choice to break the negative pattern.

This Session Includes:

  • Detecting, clearing, and healing energetic blockages, which may be one or more of the following: soul contracts, vows, etheric implants, entities, unjustified karma, open portals, trapped emotions, and others.

  • It will give you detailed information on any energetic damage and how to continue your healing, release old energy, and integrate the new energy.

Akashic Records
Soul Activation

Are you eager or intrigued to know who you are and why you are here for? Discover your soul gifts, and your purpose in this lifetime, and get a Soul Activation with Akashic Records!

This Soul Activation session is perfect if you want to know who you really are at a soul level, if you are questioning your present life, getting a call to get in alignment with your truth, and need guidance.


The Akashic Records Will:

  • Reveal the characteristics of your soul blueprint

  • Discover the three main energy themes in your essence

  • The soul group which you come from and its characteristics

  • Your energy support team of guides 


Learn how to activate your connection with your guides, angels, higher self, your intergalactic family, and your inner guidance.

This Session Includes:

  • Lifting up the veil from your soul and essence. 

  • It is a soul activation, an awakening of the DNA codons that were dormant and are ready to come alive in this moment of your life to fulfill your life purpose.

Old Fashioned Library

Akashic Records
Messages & Healing

Are you going through changes in your life that you can’t avoid? Such as a divorce or breakup, losing a dear one, an accident, an illness, moving to another home, city, or country, changing jobs, feeling like reinventing yourself, as if it is the dark night of the soul, or having a divine call?


This is a great moment to go in-depth with a Messages & Healing session.


The Akashic Records Will:

  • Your Soul and Higher Self are sending you strong messages that you can't afford, not to pay attention to! Even if it looks and feels intense, this is an opportunity to learn big lessons, expand your consciousness, and make a quantum leap. This is a wake-up call!


You are ready to move from 3D to 5D consciousness! It's a matter of choice!

This Session Includes:

  • Messages from your Higher Self and Guides that will help you see the bigger picture.

  • Energetic blockages and energy system healing and clearing work.


Your Higher Self wants to remind you about your purpose and will point out some soul and essence characteristics and gifts that you must pay attention to, and more.

Akashic Home
Clearing & Blessings

Have you ever got to a place, and got a thought like: “it feels heavy, cold, or uneasy in here”? Chances are the energy of that place is toxic! The energy of your environment and space impacts you, the people living with you, and your pets in a positive or negative way.


A home Akashic clearing goes all the way to the energy of the land before the home was built and beyond. It could go centuries back!


The Akashic Home Clearing & Blessing Will:

  • Transmute toxic energy 

  • Bring peace, harmony, healing, abundance, and more!


Some benefits may include: healing an illness or chronic pains, improving relationships, feeling in peace and harmony, opening the flow of abundance and prosperity, money flow, better sleep, feeling inspired and creative, positive changes, and new opportunities.

It is a good idea for an Akashic Home Clearing & Blessing if:

  • You are moving into another home 

  • Want to make changes in life, business, relationships...

  • Can't sleep at night 

  • You or someone in the family is with fear, too tired, getting sick constantly

  • Pipes, cables, or items breaking in the house

  • Someone broke into your home

  • Feeling entities or beings

  • You are too sensitive 

  • Or if you never cleared your home's energy before!

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