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soul level business



The New Business Era Is Here!

Welcome to Soul Level Business, we guide Conscious Entrepreneurs in their journey to build and scale a successful business and 

to create a profound impact in their communities.

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Hello, I'm Lety Martínez

Do you need a change to become a better version of yourself and need help?

Do you want to know who you are at the soul level and why you are here for?

Are you disconnected, or overwhelmed in your life, relationships, or business?

If so, you're not alone. Many women today want to make changes and are in an internal search to get clarity in their personal and professional lives.

With my akashic records, intuitive mentoring, and soul-level business programs, I offer guidance, self-discovering, and learning tools for you to reconnect with your true potential! 


I empower women like you to tap into your own inner guidance, connect with your soul's purpose, and create a life and business that aligns with your true values and vision.


Discover How To Understand

Messages From The Universe

The Universe is sending you messages constantly
Are you getting them?

Watch Masterclass

Discover Who You Are at Soul Level & Unleash Your True Potential

Akashic Records


Soul Technologies


Your Business in Alignment

With Your Essence & Your Life Purpose

Spiritual Entrepreneurship


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"By working with Lety I learned a lot about myself, which gave me clarity, confidence and a feeling of peace. Learning more about who I really am, about my gifts and talents, about my challenges, has inspired me to be who I am from a place of acceptance and truth.

I found that I can have more compassion for myself and accept and forgive myself more quickly when I'm wrong for whatever reason. She also gave me the courage and wisdom to move forward and be completely me and what I want to be. "

— Bonnie Raniewicz. NY.

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