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Akashic Records Soul Activation

Within the Akashic Records, you'll uncover the intricate details of your soul blueprint, exploring the core of your being, the dynamics of your energetic fields, and identifying any misalignments that may be manifesting as blockages and repetitive patterns in your life or business. These subtle barriers might be hindering your ascent to your highest potential.

Embark on a transformative journey to discover your true essence and life purpose. Identify and understand the obstacles that have been holding you back. With this newfound awareness, you can initiate a powerful metamorphosis, unleashing untapped energy and reclaiming the reins of your personal and professional power.

Abandoned Railroad

Accelerate Your Journey

Speed up your personal and spiritual growth and evolution. Dive deep into personalized guidance and support with weekly one-on-one sessions in a 3-Month Program.


Lety will work with you to identify barriers, set intentions, and tailor quantum tools to your unique journey.


Gain access to powerful quantum techniques, mindfulness practices, and actionable strategies to amplify your progress. Get an action plan specifically for you.

Cosmic Visionary
Your Dream Business

Discover how to build a successful online business in alignment with your essence and passion in only 24 weeks or less with the Cosmic Visionary Program!

If you want to channel your skills, knowledge and passion into a business based on your purpose and in alignment with the deepest part of your being, Cosmic Visionary is for you!


The Mindful Vision Quest
Free Challenge

12 Days and 7 Actions to Connect Deeply with Yourself and The Universe!

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and unlock a realm of endless benefits!  


This Challenge is designed to help you to deeply connect with yourself and the universe.


You will:

  • Gain clarity on your goals and aspirations

  • Cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness

  • Unlock your true potential and inner wisdom

  • Experience greater fulfillment and joy in life

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